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Pure Cow Ghee

We offer Pure Cow Ghee highly nutritious variety of ghee and is highly acclaimed by our clients. Ghee made from milk of desi cow is yellow, light in feel, tastes excellent and best for health.

S.M. Foods is a leading supplier & trader of a comprehensive range of Dairy products such as Anhydrous Milk Fat as well as AMF For Ice Cream and chocolate Makers and many food products which can increase the life & freshness of your product.

S.M. Foods has quickly earned the reputation of a company that is always on the lookout for opportunities and growth prospects. The key factors responsible for bringing such superior products in market are our strict quality checks, its process which keeps purity & quality in all the dairy foods We are devoted towards providing our customers with high quality, healthy & environment friendly products.

Paneer Improver

It Blend Based on emulsifiers, stabilizer and locustbeangum, paneer improver add to make the classics quality of Paneer, optimization of fat level and speed up coagulation to improved body and texture.

It remove dryness, hardness and makes smoothness by improving rich creamy Classic taste of low fat paneer.

Special Feature : It creates Ultra-Whiteness.

Buffalo Ghee

Buffalo Ghee is made from pure buffalo milk. We follow the traditional process to make ghee, our ghee lasts longer and tastes better compared to the ghee made using machines from milk cream.

Our Products stand for their good quality & taste. The key factors responsible for this are our strict quality checks to maintain the purity & quality.

Our Promise
We are devoted towards providing our customers with high quality, healthy & environment friendly products. Our strong focus on research & development enables us to achieve these objectives and to makes us a proactive player.

Our Core Values
Our transparent business systems and sound ethical practices are the biggest assets that we have created so far.

Curd Improver

It is a quality controller such as Excess Water Adjustment and it gives smoothness, creaminess, firm body and mouthfeel with Protein Stability and strong structure with good appearance to your product. It dose not melt while carrying and maintain premium Grade your product.

Ingredients :- Pectin, Emulsifier, Carrier Material Maltodextrin

:: Butter Oil Physical Properties ::

  • Texture : Granular Semi Solid
  • Colour : White to Creamy
  • Taste & Flavour : Good Pleasant

:: Chemical Testing ::

  • Moisture % : Max. 0.10
  • Total Fat % : Min. 99.90
  • B.R. Reading at 40°C : 40.0 – 42.0
  • R.M. Value : Min. 29.50
  • D. WASH RM Value : Min. 28 +
  • Free Fatty Acids % : Max. 0.30
  • Polenske Value : Max. 1.6
  • Baudouin Test : Negative
  • MOT : Negative
  • Melting Point : 38°C to 40°C
  • Trans Fat : Free
  • Peroxide Value Meq / Kg : 0.2 to 0.3

Milk Thickener Powder for
Ice Cream / Kulfi

Its function is to reduce the degree of Ice crystal growth by influencing viscosity and rheological properties.

It reduces heat shock to controlled meltdown and fast-freezing to speed-up to make your product ready with firmness & creaminess. It creates greater whipping ability. It reduces cooking time, means savings on fuel and a great texture with better mouth feel to end product.

Special Features :-

  • 1) It increases maximum melting time & it helps in providing creaminess Mawa Effect to Kulfi.
  • 2) The unique feature is approx 5 - 7% Milk less burns.
  • 3) Less Cooking Time as Solidifies Milk Quicker.


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